FAQ-14: Is the cocoa used in Tofutti products process with alkali?


14. Is the cocoa used in Tofutti products process with alkali?

The cocoa powder we use, as is most cocoa powder used elsewhere, is processed by using an alkali, which is clearly labeled on all our chocolate product packaging. Like an acid, which is its opposite, an alkali too can cause a mild allergic reaction. Typically, the symptoms are a burning or sometimes swollen mouth. As the cocoa crops used to make cocoa powder vary slightly from country to country and season to season, it is sometimes necessary for the cocoa processor to change the level of the alkali to properly convert the cocoa bean into powder. Normally, this type of change would not affect most people. However, there are those individuals who have become sensitized to the slightest change in the alkali level and could have a mild reaction when a change in the alkali level occurs. This is no different than the way some people react to acids, or iodine in fish. This effect typically lasts for only a few minutes and might cause some mild discomfort.

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