FAQ-35: Can the acid in Tofutti cheese products cause a reaction?


Can the acid in Tofutti cheese products cause a reaction?

A reaction to the non-dairy lactic acid used in our cheese products is possible. The type of symptoms you may exhibit are usually a redness, or flushing around the lips or inside the mouth and perhaps some itchiness, but typically nothing more severe than that. For most users of our cheese products it normally does not affect them depending on the level of acid in the product. There is a threshold for some individuals below which they are okay and above which they are not. The reason the acid level may fluctuate in the product is that as acid is injected into each batch of cheese mix as it is being blended, some parts of the batch get a “shot” of acid that is higher (or lower) than other parts of the batch. This is true of any product where acid is being used. If we do get a complaint about our cheese products, it will typically be the slices, not our Better Than Cream Cheese or Sour Supreme, as we use more acid in our dairy free cheese slices.

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