Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

November, 2013

What follows is a compendium of frequently asked questions about Tofutti Brands, Inc. products that have been compiled over the years. These questions cover a range of topics about our products. They are by no means a complete list of all questions about our products, only those that have been asked often enough over a period of time that they deserve to be shown here. Please feel free to contact us at any time at 908-272-2400, or email us at, should you have a question that is not listed here.

We have answered these questions to the best of our ability. Please be aware that in reading these questions and answers, typographical mistakes can occur, and in between updates to these questions and our web site, things could change which might alter our responses to some of these questions. Hopefully, our responses to questions here will satisfy your inquiries, so you should certainly read what is here first. However, if there is ever any doubt about what the answer means, or if it appears there is a typographical error, please feel free to contact us at the phone number or email address above. This is certainly true if your question involves the use of allergens. In that case we strongly urge you to contact us directly. Typically, questions involving the use of allergens require an explanation that is far too involved to be explained here. In that case it is better to talk to someone in our customer service department. Our customer service representatives are always glad to be of service, so never hesitate to call if in doubt.

And now, feel free to browse our frequently asked questions.

1. Where can I buy Tofutti products? (answer)

2. Can I order online? (answer)

3. Do you sell product for wholesale and/or food service? (answer)

4. Do any Tofutti products contain dairy? (answer)

5. Are Tofutti products Kosher? (answer)

6. Are Tofutti products Kosher for Passover? (answer)

7. Why do Tofutti products contain so little calcium? (answer)

8. Are Tofutti products Halal? (answer)

9. Are all Tofutti products vegan? (answer)

10. Does sugar used in Tofutti products contain bone char? (answer)

11. Does Tofutti ever use meat derivatives in its products? (answer)

12. Is there alcohol in the chocolate liquor used in some of your frozen desserts? (answer)

13. Does the cocoa you use in your products contain caffeine? (answer)

14. Is the cocoa used in Tofutti products process with alkali? (answer)

15. Do Tofutti products contain adipic acid? (answer)

16. Are Tofutti products cholesterol free? (answer)

17. Do any Tofutti products run on equipment that also runs dairy products? (answer)

18. What is the source of Tofutti’s mono and diglycerides? (answer)

19. Do Tofutti products contain eggs or egg whites? (answer)

20. Are any Tofutti products gluten free? (answer)

21. What is the source of Tofutti’s maltodextrin? (answer)

22. Do Tofutti products contain trans-fat? (answer)

23. Does Tofutti use unbleached flour in its Cutie wafers and Yours Truly sugar cones? (answer)

24. What are the potassium and phosphorus levels of Tofutti products? (answer)

25. What is potassium sorbate? (answer)

26. What is annatto? (answer)

27. Are any Tofutti products Non-GMO? (answer)

28. Do Tofutti products contain NutraSweet? (answer)

29. What is the difference between sugar free products and no sugar added (NSA) products? (answer)

30. What is the source of the modified starch used in Tofutti products? (answer)

31. Does Tofutti use peanuts or tree nuts in any products? What about cross contamination? (answer)

32. Does Tofutti use palm oil from sustainable sources? (answer)

33. What is carrageenan? (answer)

34. What is stevia? (answer)

35. Can the acid in Tofutti cheese products cause a reaction? (answer)

36. Where does lecithin in Tofutti products come from? (answer)

37. The last time I bought a box of Cuties, I noticed one was missing. What happened? (answer)

38. Sometimes I notice that Tofutti ice cream products look and taste icy. What does this mean? (answer)

39. I bought a Better Than Cream Cheese and the product does not look right and tastes grainy. What happened?(answer)

40. How long will Tofutti’s Better Than Cream Cheese and Sour Supreme last once it has been opened? (answer)

41. What are triglycerides?(answer)

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