FAQ-31: Does Tofutti use peanuts or tree nuts in any products? What about cross contamination?


31. Does Tofutti use peanuts or tree nuts in any products? What about cross contamination?

All Tofutti cheeses, sour cream, and frozen foods are totally nut-free and manufactured in nut-free facilities.

Tofutti frozen desserts – Tofutti Cuties, Yours Truly cones, novelty treats, and premium pints – are manufactured in facilities that use peanuts and/or tree nuts. All ingredients and packaging are kept separate from the rest of our other products. However, these products are made in ice cream plants where other peanut and/or tree nut products are present. We therefore cannot guarantee that there will not be any peanut (or other nut) contamination, no matter how unlikely the possibility. Tofutti does not use peanuts or any peanut product in any of our products. None of our ice cream novelty products use nuts of any kind.

Tofutti Cuties are run on a completely separate line in the ice cream plant where our frozen dessert novelty products are manufactured. Prior to running Cuties each day, the equipment is specially cleaned under the supervision of a Rabbi to ensure that there is no possibility of dairy contamination. This special cleaning will also take care of any other type of contamination. We only run one particular flavor of Cuties each day, never splitting the day between two flavors.

These same cleaning procedures are used when running our other novelty treats and premium pints.

Take note that two of our premium pints, Vanilla Almond Bark and Better Pecan, contain nuts; therefore these products should not be consumed by someone with an allergy to nuts. They are never run on the same day that our other nut-free pint products are being run.

If you feel that the preceding information raises your concerns about the safety of our products regarding nut contamination, please do not use our products. Safety of our consumers is always our number one priority. If you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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