Tofutti reviews from around the blogosphere!


Tofutti reviews from around the blogosphere!

The verdict is in…bloggers love Tofutti! Here’s a roundup of Tofutti reviews from the vast infinite blogosphere.

  • What happens when someone with Ulcerative Colitis tries Tofutti? They love it of course! Theresa, over at Theresa’s Mixed Nuts, recently reviewed Tofutti Cuties and Premium Vanilla Tofutti…and loves them both, especially since they kept her colitis symptoms at bay. Great news, Theresa!
  • Fitz’s kids, over, gave Tofutti Cuties, Hooray! Hooray! Bars, and Yours Truly Vanilla Cones a whirl, and they gave all three two thumbs up! Two kids, two thumbs…or is it four?
  • Flowers for Lesley! Tofutti Chocolate Covered Flowers are novelty treats flavored with a blend of rose, marigold, jasmine, hibiscus, and other flowers…some people might find them a little unusual. But Lesley from Lesley Eats, despite being a little nervous at first, found Tofutti Flowers to be “heavenly.” Thanks, Lesley!
  • Elizabeth at Once Upon a Chocolate Life was very skeptical about trying a tofu-based food. She tasted tofu years ago and didn’t like it. So she got a real shock when she sampled some Tofutti Cuties and Almond Bark Premium Tofutti…she loved them! In fact, she was, “Blown away by the taste.” Awesome! Thanks, Elizabeth. Great pictures too!
  • “Would I buy either one of these products? I would, I did, and I will again.” That’s what Celine from Have Cake, Will Travel had to say about Tofutti Cuties and Better Pecan Premium Tofutti. Sounds like Celine went nuts for Tofutti…no pun intended.
  • Cookies ‘N Cream Cuties make Debbie Jean very happy. “I will definitely be trying more of these in the future, especially ice cream sandwiches, which I love!” She said on her blog, aptly named Debbie Jean’s Blog. And Debbie Jean is super excited to try Tofutti’s Pizzaz Pizza, Mintz’s Blintzes, and raviolis. She is on the prowl for them right now!
  • Jenni’s Ferris Wheel of Food – cute name for a blog – gave Tofutti Cuties a review too. Jenni really likes Vanilla Cuties; she thinks they taste just like the real thing. Mint Chocolate Chip Cuties weren’t her favorite, but Jenni said she’ll buy the Vanilla Cuties again in a “heartbeat!”
  • Michelle, a.k.a. The Economical Eater, also gave Tofutti a rave review. “The Vanilla Almond Bark “ice cream,” which was super creamy and smooth, and I loved the generous amount of crunchy bark throughout,” she says. Awesome! Michelle likes the Yours Truly Cones a lot too

Wow! We really love the kind words. Big thanks to all the bloggers for taking the time to write about Tofutti.

If you have any comments or questions about Tofutti products, feel free to contact us. We always like hearing from customers. Makes the day fun!

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