Welcome to the World of Tofutti!


Watch Tofutti’s Chairman and CEO David Mintz talk about Tofutti’s current line of diary free products as well as new products that will soon be available in supermarkets.

Tofutti Brands, Inc. has been providing a range of products for individuals who are unable to consume dairy for over 30 years and meet the needs of 98 million customers; 69 million lactose sensitive Americans, 7.5 million vegans, and 22 million health aware individuals seeking dairy alternatives.

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6 Responses to Welcome to the World of Tofutti!

  1. Michelle Lawton says:

    Your products have changed my life.

  2. Jean Georges says:

    Thank you for your products! Instead of cheating and suffering milk allergies, your products provide alternatives so I can eat like a normal person. And they taste wonderful as well!

  3. Karla F. says:

    love that these products exist. Can’t wait to try the variety of pizzas. – a happy vegan

  4. Jane Bond says:

    Thanks for Tofutti,
    We need them all over here in Australia,
    I have only tried a few of the products would love to try them all, Yum
    I to can’t have dairy, you have now put happiness back into my eating life with these yummy products.
    now all my family are eating your products here
    Thank you Thank you Thank you